Join the Parents' Club now
for the 2016-2017
School Year

Just $15 for the entire family!


Why join the Parents' Club?
Teachers, staff, great students, and involved parents create an excellent school.  We are all proud to be a part of the Lake Castle family.  Not only do we have a superior school but we also have a very supportive Parents' Club.

Joining the Parents' Club is one way to support both your child and school.  Your participation in the Parents' Club can be as much or little as you like.  Joining the Parents' Club does not require you to volunteer at events and gatherings. Volunteering is completely optional!

By joining the Parents' Club, you will receive a school directory, receive emails on upcoming functions, and get the opportunity to meet other parents.

Fundraisers and membership dues have enabled the Parents' Club to be able to contribute many extras to our school.  Did you know that the Parents' Club built the multi purpose building?  The Parents' Club has also provided the lower and upper elementary playground areas, purchased dry erase boards and maps for the classrooms, computers for the computer lab, created a science lab inside the gym completely equipped with microscopes and dissecting supplies and most recently purchased Promethean boards, laptop computers, and laptop carts for the 1st through 8th grade classrooms.
The Parents' Club plans fundraisers for each school year.  We do realize that not everyone can volunteer their time, but there is always something you can do to participate.  It takes us ALL to create an excellent school for our children.  We always send out letters regarding upcoming fundraisers - please be sure to read them.

Parental involvement makes the difference at Lake Castle! We have superior leadership, extraordinary teachers, and involved parents!

Support your children! Support your school! Join the Parents' Club!

North of the Lake Parents' Club